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We encourage contributions from successful small to large businesses on Vancouver Island to help promote you to our viewers, and show our viewers who the most customer-oriented companies that are contributing to the community!

Banner - $50/month - Rotated in a collection throughout the entire site. Banners appear at the top of most pages. Please provide banner image in standard 468x60 pixels.

Side Bar - $30/month - Rotated in a collection of less than 50 per section. Ads will appear in all pages in that section. Please provide image in standard 135x135 pixels.

Newsletter - $20/wk - A link with small logo and 25 words. Maximum 2 per newsletter; newsletters are mailed weekly. (Purchase by the month; 4 newsletters.)

Additional Categories - $10/month - All relevant companies are listed in up to two categories in our directory. You may choose to be listed in as many additional categories as you like with a 10% discount for each subsequent one.

Rates are monthly, based on a minimum 3 month subscription, with 3 month increments. Bulk rates are available for ads appearing on multiple pages.


Ernie Urdal
Ernie Urdal

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