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New Employment Resources For Victoria
New Developments in Victoria's Employment Picture

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This year, 2001, is a landmark year as far as employment in Victoria goes. This year, for the first time in as long as I have been a part of the employment scene, Victoria has joined the rest of the world in terms of rates of pay and employer expectations. If you have read my previous articles on employment, you will recall I stated that Victoria has always been about five years behind the times when it comes to salaries. Also, Victorian employers have always taken a "depression era" view of their employees; you are lucky they gave you a job and they now own you for life. Finally, things have changed. There is one thing that has caused that change: the Internet.

The Internet is responsible for this change for two reasons: one, everyone now has access to all the information about employment worldwide. We no longer have to rely on our small town paper. Sure we've had TV for a while, but that didn't change anything. I couldn't look up the salary for a nurse in Boston on my TV. The Internet makes it easy. Secondly, because the Internet has turned computers in communications devices, not just data crunchers, computers are now a part of almost every job. This has produced an infiltration of technology into every aspect of the workplace. Joining the Internet caused us to finally catch up with the rest of Canada, and the world. That is also why the change happened so fast; it happened in Internet years (same as dog years).

Due to the impact of technology on the workplace, in the past year the number of dollars generated by the local high tech industry has grown to equal that of the local tourist industry. The resident sages say it will surpass it in the next. Most current economic indicators are positive, and now the province has just elected a business minded government for the first time in a decade. Gurus and pundits alike agree that this is a portent of renewal, investment, and economic growth.

Riding along with this improved employment picture are some new resources. For the Western Communities, Worklink is a good resource of general employment. In the medical field, The Capital Health Region now recruits for all hospitals and medical care facilities in the Victoria region.

Another new resource is the Here you find an attempt to be the employment portal for Victoria. Unfortunately they fall short in their efforts to keep their job posting up to date. Still, a good resource as they provide many other services such as free resume posting and recruiter services.

BusinessWorks is a large scale, high end endeavors geared to prepping and packaging you up for general, entry level jobs.

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