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Income Alternatives In Victoria
How to generate income without a job

When I was in my thirties I used to listen to audiotapes by my favorite teacher, Dr. Denis Waitley. I can honestly say I credit Dr. Waitley's teachings with turning my life around at that time. On one tape was a story called "Acres of Diamonds", about a man who searches everywhere for wealth, in the form of diamonds, except on his own land. After his sorry demise this is of course is where the diamonds are eventually found.

When I need to find a new source of income, I often think of this story. So many of us, when we think of income, think "I need to get a job". This is a mental box we would do well to climb out of. We all have knowledge of interest to others that they will gladly pay us for, if we can just find the right way to present it. Below I will cover a few ways you can earn a living in Victoria without having to find employment.


There are a great many people in Victoria who work on a contract/consulting basis, in almost every field from computers to construction. Often, it is the paradigm or mental model you have about yourself that prevents you from seeing your own assets and potential. For example, at one point I was looking for work. I thought of myself as a computer management or technical support kind of guy at the time. I was offered a job as a recruiter. Only later did I realize I could have offered this service by myself (and kept all the money, not just the commissions). It was just that I had my blinders on.

I now use a few mental tricks to get out of my boxes. One I call "The Hat Trick". In my mind, I place the hat of another kind of independent professional on my head: a renovation contractor, a photographer, a merchant. Try one on and see how the world looks through their eyes (this is a fun game with the kids too by the way). Another trick is to see myself through others' eyes. Ask people in a line of business other than your own, what potential careers they think of when they look over your resume. For other ideas, take a look at what other people are offering as services in the classified section of the newspaper or other local publications. These are some of the ways you might be able to see your potential in a new light.

Teaching / Seminars

There are many opportunities to teach in Victoria. Camosun College, the universities, school districts, and recreation centers all offer programs where you can offer your services. Some of them pay quite well. If they don't currently teach what you want to teach, make them an offer. What to teach? Again, one of the best ways is to ask others who know you well. David Whyte, my favourite poet, makes a living providing training to corporations and taking people on tours of Ireland. Not bad.

If you don't find a school willing to pay you what you think you're worth, you can do it without them. There are lots of places where you can rent a space and teach whatever you want. Hotels, conference centres and recreation centers are good places to investigate. You don't have to spend a fortune on space and advertising; there are creative ways to stretch a small budget.

Think your knowledge may not be so marketable? Check out The Philosophy Shop, one of my favorite examples of the kind of thinking I am talking about in this article.

If a poet and a philosopher can do it, anyone can! What's the key? They think they can.

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